Second Sunday of the Year

17 Jan 2021

  1. For persons desiring to share in the faith of their Catholic spouses, a specially tailored ‘To Know Jesus Program’ begins on Sunday, 17th January at 10.30. If you wish to be enrolled, please contact Fr. Oniel Rodrigues this weekend.
  2. The Examiner copies in Print are available at Parish Office during working hours for Subscribers to pick up. Remaining copies will be on sale price of Rs. 15/-.
  3. On 26th Jan, Republic Day at 8 am, the national flag-hoisting ceremony will be held in the Quadrangle in the presence of representative participants. It will be streamed online for general viewing, premiering at 10 am.
Parish Priest

Daily Masses at I. C. Church; COVID Protocol SOP Reminders

  1. Regulated Sector-wise attendance helps equal opportunity, avoids crowd & disappointments.
  2. At times of Entry for Masses and Sanitizing Process, NO GARLANDS, flowers etc. for Holy Frames, Statues, Grotto and Graves. Grave decorations to be done at SAFE TIMES.
  3. Face Cover /Mask over Nose and Mouth from time of Entry, during service, till time of Exit
  4. Mandatory Sanitization before Entry to Seating Areas; If you require, please bring own allergy safe means.
  5. For Reception Holy Communion, when the Recessional Hymn begins, Please be seated await Ushers guidance for you to safely walk to the designated place.
  6. Sanitization Processes involve use of UV Lights and chemical foggers. Hence, to avoid danger to your own health, after you receive Holy Communion Please Do Not Gather for conversation in the Church premises or near Exit Gates.
  7. Visits to Blessed Sacrament Chapel and Graveyard are regulated for public safety in view of Sanitizing Methods and timings:
    Mornings: 10 am to 12.30 pm
    Afternoon & Evenings: 2 - 4 pm and 9.30-10 pm
Parish Priest