04 Apr 2021

  1. The Parish Fathers wish all our parishioners and communities of religious women and men a very Happy Easter. May the Hope, Joy Peace, and Renewing Power of our Resurrected Lord be manifested in our attitudes and behaviours.
  2. For Easter Sunday, we gladly confirm that the well-appreciated reception of Holy Communion will be available as per the Sector-wise schedule listed below. Covid appropriate behavior e.g. wearing of Masks, safe-distancing etc. to be strictly observed.
    8 am to 9 am: -- Holy Cross (all sectors)
    9 am to 10 am: – Marian & Madonna Colonies, Navagaon & SVR
    10 am to 11 am: — New Link Rd; Khadi; Pereira Wadi and D’Silva Wadi
    11 am to 12 noon: -- Maryland and L. I. C.
    12 noon to 1 pm; -- I. C. Zone (all sectors)
  3. The Sector-wise Sunday and Weekday masses with maximum number of 50 persons will continue with one difference. Due to the night curfew, the second evening mass will be at 7 pm and not at 7.30 pm.
  4. Lastly, parishioners are reminded to observe all Covid safety precautions and to restrict their visits to Chapel, Church Office and Graves visits to only the most essential and urgent needs. Gate notices will indicate timings.
Parish Priest

Daily Masses at I. C. Church; COVID Protocol SOP Reminders

  1. Regulated Sector-wise attendance helps equal opportunity, avoids crowd & disappointments.
  2. At times of Entry for Masses and Sanitizing Process, NO GARLANDS, flowers etc. for Holy Frames, Statues, Grotto and Graves. Grave decorations to be done at SAFE TIMES.
  3. Face Cover /Mask over Nose and Mouth from time of Entry, during service, till time of Exit
  4. Mandatory Sanitization before Entry to Seating Areas; If you require, please bring own allergy safe means.
  5. For Reception Holy Communion, when the Recessional Hymn begins, Please be seated await Ushers guidance for you to safely walk to the designated place.
  6. Sanitization Processes involve use of UV Lights and chemical foggers. Hence, to avoid danger to your own health, after you receive Holy Communion Please Do Not Gather for conversation in the Church premises or near Exit Gates.
  7. Visits to Blessed Sacrament Chapel and Graveyard are regulated for public safety in view of Sanitizing Methods and timings:
    Mornings: 10 am to 12.30 pm
    Afternoon & Evenings: 2 - 4 pm and 9.30-10 pm
Parish Priest