6th Sunday of the Year

16 February 2020

  1. On Sunday, 16th February, the 8 am Children's Mass in the Brothers Chapel will be as usual. However, there will be no Catechism classes.
  2. Tomorrow/Today, 16th Feb, I. C. ACTS will hold its session on the topic of the Eucharist in the St Paul VI Hall from 11.00am to 12.30pm. Fr. Cletus D'Souza S.D.B. is the guest speaker. On Monday 17th Feb. from 6 to 7 pm, the CCC session will be held at the same venue. The resource person is Mr. Merwyn Patrao on the topic, "Jesus and Israel". All are invited to attend these sessions.
  3. The Parish Charismatic Meet comprising Joyful Praise and Worship, Inner healing and Infilling will be held in the Church quadrangle, from 6 to 10 pm tomorrow/today. Please join in large numbers. The concluding Holy Eucharist will begin at 9 pm. Hence, there will be no other evening Mass in Church this Sunday. However, the Hindi Mass at 4.15pm and the Mass at Eden Villa will be held as usual.
  4. On Saturday, 22nd February, please note that there will be no evening mass at St. Thomas Church as they have a retreat scheduled over the week-end.
  5. A recollection for Lectors, Cantors and choir members is organized on Sunday, 23rd February at 11 am in the St. Paul VI hall. Participation at this recollection is mandatory for all members.
  6. The Civic and Political Cell (HELP) has organized a Know Your Police awareness program on Sunday 23rd Feb at 7 pm in the Pope Paul VI Hall.
  7. Bombay Catholic Sabha Day will be held on Sunday 23rd February, at St. Paul's School grounds, Dadar East, starting at 5.30pm. Kindly collect the food coupons from the Catholic Sabha help-desk in the quadrangle.
Parish Priest