5th Sunday of Lent

29 March 2020

  1. Holy Week Services celebrated by the Holy Father in St Peter’s Basilica, in Rome, and those celebrated by Cardinal Oswald Gracias in Mumbai, at 7 pm from Maundy Thursday to Holy Saturday are recommended for participation in your homes on websites already well publicized.
  2. I. C. Church will stream shorter and earlier-timed, Holy Week services with our current local situation in mind intended for children, youth, sick and senior citizens and domestic helpers. Schedule as follows:

    • Holy Thursday – 5.30 pm: Last Supper Eucharist – Fr. Harry

    • Good Friday – 5.30 pm: Passion and Cross Service – Fr. Jothi

    • Easter Vigil Service – 5.30 pm: Fr. Oniel.

    • Easter Sunday Mass - 10.30 am: – Fr. Robin and Fr. Joel (homilist)

    N.B. Our above services will be streamed via You Tube; search Immaculate Conception Church Borivali.
  3. Families whose deceased members were buried in temporary graves in I. C. Church cemetery over 18th months ago, are given public notice that graves numbered 21 to 40 in Section B, will be soon be needed for forthcoming funerals. In addition, our office staff, Ernestine and Lyra, have begun contacting the concerned families about the desire and process of transfer of mortal remains. Families who didn’t furnish their contact numbers, please call Fr. Joel Pinto. Your kind cooperation and timely coordination with the Parish and the Undertakers, is earnestly requested. Families whose loved ones will need a Christian burial in the near future will benefit and be suitably consoled.
Parish Priest