28 Feb 2021

  1. The Sunday and Weekday Masses in I.C. Church will continue in March 2021 as per the Sector-wise Schedule drawn up by the PPC. In the event that new directives are issued by State authorities in the coming days or weeks, any sudden changes will be communicated via social messaging. Currently, all are expected to comply with the restriction of attendees to FIFTY PERSONS, as well as all SOP norms. Random checks to enforce them are being made by authorities, according to information received. Hence, kindly cooperate with all precautionary measures.
  2. Sunday, 28th February, Fr. Bonaventure Nunes will celebrate Mass and deliver the Mission Talk in Marathi, premiering at 8 am on our Church’s YouTube Channel. Parents please note: Next Sunday, 7th March, School-going children and Youth will have their respective Lenten Masses and Talks at times noted on the public display banner. All groups are urged to participate in large numbers in the Parish Lenten renewal program.
  3. All are reminded that I.C. Church will be open from 11 am to 12.30 every Sunday, for short visits followed by reception of Holy Communion. All can avail of this spiritual nourishment without sector-wise restrictions.
  4. After Ash-Wednesday, daily Lenten Confessions are being attended to by two parish fathers from 9.30 am till 1 pm, in cabins in the red chair area. Those in spiritual need have already availed of the Sacrament of Reconciliation in a beneficial and meaningful manner. Others are urged to do the same and avoid delay and crowding towards the end of Lent.
Parish Priest

Daily Masses at I. C. Church; COVID Protocol SOP Reminders

  1. Regulated Sector-wise attendance helps equal opportunity, avoids crowd & disappointments.
  2. At times of Entry for Masses and Sanitizing Process, NO GARLANDS, flowers etc. for Holy Frames, Statues, Grotto and Graves. Grave decorations to be done at SAFE TIMES.
  3. Face Cover /Mask over Nose and Mouth from time of Entry, during service, till time of Exit
  4. Mandatory Sanitization before Entry to Seating Areas; If you require, please bring own allergy safe means.
  5. For Reception Holy Communion, when the Recessional Hymn begins, Please be seated await Ushers guidance for you to safely walk to the designated place.
  6. Sanitization Processes involve use of UV Lights and chemical foggers. Hence, to avoid danger to your own health, after you receive Holy Communion Please Do Not Gather for conversation in the Church premises or near Exit Gates.
  7. Visits to Blessed Sacrament Chapel and Graveyard are regulated for public safety in view of Sanitizing Methods and timings:
    Mornings: 10 am to 12.30 pm
    Afternoon & Evenings: 2 - 4 pm and 9.30-10 pm
Parish Priest