2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

19 January 2020

  1. Today is Vocation Sunday. Requesting you to kindly pray for vocations for our Archdiocese.
  2. Our Parish Bible Diaries are now available at Rs. 150/- per copy. And the Parish calendar at Rs. 30/-. You may purchase them in the quadrangle next to the Examiner stall, till stock lasts.
  3. There will be Hindi Mass tomorrow/today at 4.15pm.
  4. The IC ACTS will be conducting the monthly CCC session on Monday 20 th January from 6.00pm to 7.00pm in the St. Paul VI Hall. The topic is the "Proclamation of the Kingdom of God" and the resource person is Mr. Merwyn Patrao. All are invited to attend.
  5. Christian Unity Octave will be celebrated from January 18 th to 25th. On this occasion there will be a “Christian Unity Prayer Service” on Thursday, 23 rd January from 7.30pm to 9.00 p.m. in the St. Paul VI Hall. All are invited to come in large numbers.
  6. Diocesan Vocation service centre is organizing ‘Quest’ program for all who are discerning their vocation from 25 th to 26 th January at Uttan. For more details kindly see the notice board.
  7. The Senior citizens association is organizing a workshop for senior adults aged 50 plus on ‘Mobile security and watsapp tips’ on 25th January from 9.00am to 11.30am in the St. Paul VI hall. Kindly register at the help desk.
  8. The Senior citizens association sadly informs you that the Silver Bell Nite event is cancelled. All those who have registered kindly collect your refund against your entry coupon from the help desk in the quadrangle.
  9. The Bible Cell invites you for an Evening Vigil on 25 th January from 9.00pm to 11.00pm. For details please read the banner displayed in the quadrangle.
  10. There will be no Masses at St. Thomas on 25 th January and 1st February.
  11. The Sacrament of Confirmation will be administered on Sunday, 26th January at 5.00pm Mass, by Bishop John Rodrigues. Please note that there will be no other evening Masses in the Church on that Sunday. There will however be Mass as usual at Eden Villa.
  12. The Pre-baptism session for the expecting parents will be conducted on 2 nd February from 9.00am to 2.00pm at St. Paul VI Hall. We request couples to register in their early months of pregnancy to avoid any discomfort. We insist even the would-be Godparents to attend this course on the same day. Godparents too need to register at the church office. Everyone should bring Bible and notebook for the course. Registration forms are available in the church office.
  13. This year the feast of the Presentation of the Lord falls on Sunday, 2nd February. Candles will be blessed before the 10.00am Mass followed by a procession into the church. Parishioners are requested to bring along a candle and assemble at the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes before the 10.00am Mass.
  14. The Bible cell of Borivali deanary is organizing a Bible Convention called ‘Logos’ on Sunday, 9 th February at Goregaon seminary from 9.00am to 4.00pm. For details and registration kindly contact Mr. Peter D’souza in the church library.
  15. We are coming to the end of the Financial Year. A gentle reminder to give your contribution to the I.C. Church Community Care Fund as soon as possible before the financial year end.
Parish Priest