15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

12 July 2020

  1. We draw parishioners' attention the reshuffled assigned duties and responsibilities of our Parish Fathers as communicated to the PPC Executive on Thursday 9th July.
    Please note the Sector Duties:
    Fr. Harry Vaz, I. C. Colony, 1-8;
    Fr. Oniel Rodrigues, Holy Cross 1-8;
    Fr Gnana Jothi, Marian Colony 1-3, Navagaon 1-3, Madonna, RSV, SVP Rd;
    Fr Joel Pinto, Link Rd. 1-6; Khadi, D'Silva and Pereira Wadis;
    Fr Robin Kinny, Maryland 1-7 & LIC 1-2.
    Other details will soon be put on the Parish App. Association Presidents and Heads of Cells will communicate with the respective priests-in-charge for proposing plans for the academic year 2020-21. We aim for better coordination in keeping with pastoral priorities and logistic planning. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
  2. The formation of a Special Committee has been initiated on 9th July. It is tasked with careful decision making and planning for how and when our parish can permit individual, limited or collective access for personal prayer and participation in religious services as per guidelines, norms and rules issued by Church and Government authorities. You will be informed in due time.
  3. We thank all who communicated their appreciation of the initiative and contribution of the priests and parishioners involved in planning, recording, editing, producing and streaming of our parish liturgical & devotional services, catechetical and faith formation sessions. May God continue to inspire and nourish our faith in these times.
Parish Priest